The SRTool – and why it was made…

Yet another subtitle editor, you would think. But the truth is, I did not want to launch it on the App Store at all.
Why I decided despite all the others avaliable to make it? Because there was still no app, like this.

I like movies. I mean everyone likes them, sure. That’s nothing special, but the vast majority of people doesn’t watch them with the original audio, – at least in my Country – they are watching them synced. Altough the Sync Artists and the Translators are doing a great Job, sometimes it’s just not the same expreience, as you would watch it with the original audio. Anyway I like movies and I saw a lot of german movies too, which are not – and will never have been – synced to hungarian, which is my native language. In a perfect world, it shouldn’t be a problem, but well … We hungarians are known for not to speak foreign languages – and for not being able to swim – however this tendency seems to be better in the last years.

And that’s the point.

When I saw a movie which has inspirired me or I just had a lot fun, I felt like I have to share that experience with other people. There was often no hungarian subtitle, so I translated sometimes an srt file to hungarian with a simple text editor, and if the global timing was wrong, I just shifted it with another tool, but once I had a problem:
I’d to create some additional subtitle frames, and they also had to be perfect timed:
They had to appear, and disappear just in the right time. It’s not a big deal, right? I’ll just pick an app from the App Store, and will make the missing frames, and everyone is happy.
The problem was just, there was no usable editor avaliable or if there was one, just for a horrifying price – I mean 30 bucks for such an App? What ??!.. I would yet spend 5 Euros but a bit more than 30?? Come on…
I thought “Fuck you, mac” – and while I dont use Windows where is a dozen amazing free subtitle editors avaliable for – I still use Linux, so I’ll looking for an editor there. Well I did found one, but I wasn’t really happy with it.
Either I was too lame or it was just really the app’s fault, but it was not really user friendly despite its advanced features.
So, that’s hows it began. I had to make my own editor, and it felt a little bit like reinventing the wheel, but indeed I didn’t, I just brought a usable one for my – and for your – fancy mac, and other Apple stuff.

I only knew one thing: It has to be user friendly, simple, and easy to use. I wanted to create an app that would allow me to modify a subtitle file as quickly as possible, and don’t wanted to mess a lot time with this task.

And then I began to work on it. It was evident that I will make it in SwiftUI, and I also had earlier written a basic srt manipulating tool in C++, so I just had to make a basic UI, and hooking up the things together, and that’s it.

I remember getting home after work, and I sat at the computer, and my wife sat beside me, embroidering something nice thing. It was just a beautiful time…

The very first version was really basic, and not really user friendly but finally I was able to modify the subs how just I wanted to.
I was also a bit proud because I am not a professional software developer, but it was my first app, which could maybe also useful for others. After I finally did my thing – translating the subtitle – I let the project as it is – and throwed on the github. I don’t even looked at it anymore because I was satisfied, and I wanted not really more than this. But once someone began to follow my project on github. This event gave me new power, and I began to improve this little tool, because I knew it’s maybe okay for me, but not for others. It has to be like I dreamed on the begin: user friendly, robust – something what is good to use, and not just having the feeling, I have to use this tool because there is no better option than this.

When I was uploading it to the App Store, it was far away from being done. In fact a software will never be really done, there is always something to do better or just something new to add. It’s a pretty motivating feeling to see if someone writes and asks for features, or just wants to say thank you.

And for the end, here is a list of the functions they are currently implemented:

– Importing srt files
– Video view
– Shift global timing
– Adding, editing, and removing frames
– Multiple selection of frames
– Shift the timing of the selected frames 
– Removing multi selected frames
– Single frames are selectable with a click
– Single frames are draggable
– The frames are resizeble without using the selection bar
– Keyboard shortcuts
– iPhone and iPad support
– Adding frames with double click on ruler
– Setting the selection with double click on frame
– Advanced document based file handling managed by macOS and iOS
– Import video file from a network location
– Fullscreen video function, double tap to fullscreen video
– Scrolling the timeline with mouse wheel or trackpad gesture
– Subtitles search and download function powered by
– Subtitles are now positionable
– Changeable color of a selected range of text.
– You can add bold, italic, and underlined attributes to a selected range of the text.
– Removable formatting of a frame
– Smart autofilling of the editor textfield.
– Play / Pause on a single click if timeline is hidden (macOS)
– Every modifications on the time line are undoable and redoable (Cmd + Z, Cmd + R).
– Opening files dropped in the timeline

Functions for those who did buy the full version as In-App Purchase, to support my work:

– Sound wave view for the easier editing (but it’s avaliable until 5 minutes on the time line for everyone)..
– Export videos with hard subs: You can now “burn” subtitles on your video.

Finally, if you want to get the app you can do it here:

2 replies on “The SRTool – and why it was made…”

Hallo, can you tell me, if it´s possible to save in your application “srtool” only subtitles, that I corrected? I paid for your app. and I have this in iPad and there is no way – I can´t find it, – how to save only subtitles.
Only export whole film, but I want save only subtitles because in my iPad “export film” doesn’t work, don’t know why.
Thank you for your answer
Petr (Czech rep.)

Hello Petr,

Thank you for using the app, and please forgive me for the late answer. On iPad or on iPhone after you have done your editings, you have just simply tap on the save icon in the right bottom corner. This brings you back to the File browser of the app, and your modifications will be saved.
But if you simply close the app in the App Switcher of the iOS, your modifications will be still not lost, because the file you edit will be saved after every editing step. You can locate the edited srt file in the Files app, they are located in the SRTool directory.

Cheers to Czech,